Cyber Essentials PLUS Certification

We are pleased to announce that following 2 years of Cyber Essentials Certification OTSupport has moved on and achieved Cyber Essential PLUS Certification.

Cyber Essentials PLUS is a higher level of assurance, involving a more rigorous test on an organisation’s cyber security systems to protect against basic hacking and phishing attacks. A qualified and independent assessor examines five key technical controls:

  1. Firewalls – Firewalls determine who has permission to access your system and prevents those without permission from accessing your networks. A good setup will help to keep external threats from gaining access to systems.
  2. Secure configuration – Computers and network devices should be configured to only provide the services required, minimising the number of vulnerabilities. This will help to prevent unauthorised actions and minimise the information accessible to internet sites.
  3. User access control – Access to your data and services should be kept to a minimum to prevent hackers from having open access. Accounts with access privileges should only be assigned to authorised individuals, provide only the necessary access, and should be reviewed regularly.
  4. Malware protection – Your business should be protected against malicious software that could gain access to files, steal information, damage data or prevent access until a fee is paid. Having malware protection and virus removal software in place will help to protect information.
  5. Patch Management – Cyber attackers often target well known technical vulnerabilities. Proper patch management should ensure that vulnerabilities in systems are patched and updated as soon as they are identified.