CISA ICS Cybersecurity 301V

What to do when the whole World is in lockdown and you want to continue with your professional development? After discounting the Azure Fundamentals everyone else seems to be studying at present I decided to do the CISA ICS Cybersecurity (301V) course. My mistake was to select dates that clashed with moving to a new house, so the recommended leisurely stroll through the content over 2 weeks was condensed into 3 days.

Some will be a bit sniffy that its quite a basic course, and its true, it did not stretch me, but its all about fitting something in around life and work, and with the restrictions being lifted over the coming months I can get on and complete the ISA62443 series which I started in December 2019.

And while I wait for the face 2 face courses to flow through, I will probably look to complete the CISA ICS Evaluation (401) course in the next month.

Would I recommend the CISA 301 course? For relative newcomers to the industry yes definitely, I have a couple of good friends leaving the military soon and they are using these resources to prepare for a new career in Industrial Cyber Security.